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About Us

We are a local health Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on Social Behaviour Change and provision of quality services.

At community level we work with girls, boys, women, men, persons with disabilities, key and priority populations. At policy level we work with National Assembly of Zambia, House of Chiefs and other Traditional Leaders, Religious Leaders and various government ministries and National AIDS Council.

In order to sustain our interventions,

  • We train stakeholders and Community Activists to lead prevention and access to quality health services
  • We conduct formative research, design, pretest and produce multimedia materials to support dissemination of information using media mix.
  • We coordinate and manage safe spaces for vulnerable girls and women
  • We advocate for strengthened and equitable laws that promote human rights for vulnerable individuals including children, girls and women.
  • We build networks to increase a critical mass of support for vulnerable individuals and communities.


To promote and advocate for positive social behavior change through multimedia, community mobilization and quality service provision for the health and development wellbeing of Zambians.


A well informed and empowered Zambian Society.


Accountability:Prudent Management of resources

Diversity: Value a range of initiatives that uses multiple approaches

Responsiveness: Quick action proactively in its actions

Integrity: Adhere to moral and ethical codes

Activism: Passionate and strong conviction to advocate for a good cause.