Community Activism

The Chairman of the men's network visits Josephine (GBV Survivor) at her home (period after she has retrieved land) -Nyimba District

On 2nd September, 2014, Josephine Tembo, 45, mother of five from Chutika village in Nyimba District of Zambia lost her husband Maxwell Green. Following the death of her husband, Josephine had her property (land) grabbed by Headman Chimwanje.

Headman Chimwanje who is the uncle to the late, Maxwell Green took it upon himself to grab the seven acres of land which is near Nyimba river of which Josephine has been farming on for about 15 years. The land was inherited by her husband from his relatives and has been Josephine’s main source of livelihood for her family with other sources being selling of fritters and stone crushing.

It was not until April 2015, in which the Men’s Network, a group created under the STOP GBV Project being funded by USAID and DFID referred Josephine to the Nyimba One Stop Centre (OSC) to access GBV services; the network act as whistle blowers, mentors and support group for other men not to perpetrate GBV.

At the OSC, Josephine received counselling on the aspect of psychological abuse of which later the case was referred to the VSU for investigation. It was then decided by the VSU that the case be forwarded to Chief Ndake of the Nsenga people in Nyimba district to be settled. Chief Ndake then gave the task to his Induna for Nyimba Central ward and Men’s Network member, Ignatius Sakala to settle the dispute.

Mr. Sakala called for a meeting at Sikatoba village on 2nd June, 2015 of which seven headmen from Nyimba Central ward were called upon to assist in settling the dispute. Recognizing the case as GBV in which Josephine had been abused economically, the headmen decided to retrieve the land from Headman Chimwanje after counselling him on his wrong doing.

Josephine has since been given back the land and will continue to farm with her family where she used to grow maize and groundnuts.

I am very thankful for the STOP GBV Project as it has been helpful in helping me get back my land as this is where I get food to sustain the livelihood of my family. I hope they continue helping other people that are being abused like I was,” Josephine says.