Who we are

ZCCP is a local Zambian organization that was established in the year 2002 with a vision of ‘a well informed and empowered Zambian society where individuals and communities make positive and proactive decisions about their health and general wellbeing’ through the aforementioned mission. 

The organization is a champion in health and development communications and work with communities to bring benefits based behaviour change. With the STOP GBV and Child Marriage Project funded by USAID and DFID, it is currently working in 24 selected districts in 7 of the 10 provinces in Zambia using community mobilization interpersonal communication while covering the whole country with multimedia programs.

Zambia Centre for Communication Programmes (ZCCP) is a not-for-profit, locally based, multi-media communications organization, which uses the power of the mass media (radio, TV, print, social media and social mobilisation) to reach the Zambian population and effect social and behavioral  change. The organization uses a rigorous formative research process to generate appropriate edutainment content relevant to social, health and development priorities in Zambia.

ZCCP was established in 2002 as a health communications centre. At inception, ZCCP’s the core activities took place under the auspices of a Regional Health Communication Programme involving 9 country partners in southern Africa, which was co-coordinated by Soul City Institute in South Africa. The programme sought to impact on priority health and development issues in each Country through locally specific interventions that encompass building local capacity for effective health communication, developing and producing multi-media materials and contributing to a regional network across SADC.

The organization has undertaken successful campaigns around social and health themes like malaria, family plaming, HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence.