ZCCP is governed by a diverse skilled and energetic 5 member board in charge of giving policy direction to the organisation in achieving its vision and mission. The following are ZCCPs Board Members

Mr Partrick Jabani - Board Chairperson

Mr Jabani is ZCCP’s board chairperson. He is an accomplished media expert who has served in various capacities in the media fraternity. He has had the opportunity to represent the media as various platforms.

Rev. Suzanne Matale

Rev. Suzanne Matale speaks to the fact that given half the chance, women can succeed in any area of life. She is well respected member of the clergy who brings her immense experience with people and social problems to bear on the strategic direction of ZCCP. At present, Rev. Matale is the General Secretary for the Council of Churches in Zambia.

Mr. Holo Hachonda

Mr Hachonda is the health communication specialist on the board. His experience in health communication ranges from founding and managing organizations to providing long term consultancy for international organizations. He is highly conversant with key thematic areas in health and development communication including gender, human rights, HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health and sexual and reproductive health. He has published a number of articles in these areas.  

Mr. Kufula Mwiche

Mr. Mwiche is a lawyer and an educationist. He has served in various capacities in the legal fraternity, including holding an executive position on the board of the Law Association of Zambia. He is currently the Group Legal Counsel and Company Secretary for Lawrence Sikutwa and Associates. His passion for service is evident through his active involvement in  humanitarian service organizations such as the Rotary Club where he has held a number of positions.

Mr. Chansa Chiteba

Mr. Chiteba provides financial management and accounting expertise to the ZCCP board. As a founder and director of an accounting and auditing firm