About Zccp

The vision of ZCCP describes the long-term outcomes in society that the organization is working towards and describes a desired future that it endeavours to contribute to through its interventions.  ZCCP’s vision is: 
“A well informed and empowered Zambian society where individuals and communities make positive and proactive decisions for their health and general well being"

ZCCP’s mission statement reinforces the primary purpose of the organization and communicates how its people go about carrying out their mandate to achieve the outcomes they aspire to. 
ZCCP’s Mission is to “Promote behaviour and social change in Zambia through the use of multimedia, social mobilization and advocacy, thereby empowering individuals to make informed and proactive decisions about their health and wellbeing.”
ZCCP’s Goal

“To have contributed to the reduced HIV incidences and mitigation of its effect, improvement in adolescent health and maternal and child health in the target communities by 2015”.

The following are the objectives for which ZCCP was established are:
Empower Zambians through information, education and communication (IEC) in order to improve health status for a better quality life. 
(a)       To implement a broad  range of high quality communication activities and promote community mobilisation, interpersonal communication, advocacy and mass media designed to have an impact on social and behavioural change by improving health related knowledge, approval and practice.
 (b)      To provide technical assistance to government and non-governmental organisations, private sector agencies, cooperating agencies and other institutions in adapting, developing and implementing communication programmes in terms of research, strategy development, media planning, materials development and training to achieve goals pertaining to enhance health. 
(c)      To demonstrate the use of the principles of social and/or behaviour change communication as the conceptual framework for meeting unmet communication needs at the individual and community levels through collaborating designed regional, national and local communication strategies. 
(d)       To forge appropriate linkages to decrease STIs including HIV/AIDS prevention, safe motherhood, child survival, girls’ empowerment. End to gender based violence, and care and support programmes to enhance reproductive health, limit the spread of infection and enable all community members to actively participate in community life.
(e)        To produce and/or distribute various quality communication materials and job aids in the field of health, such as films, videos, booklets, leaflets, posters, counselling tools etc. for promoting health issues. 
(f)         To conduct research for the following purpose 
  1.   To generate reliable data on human attitudes and behaviours with regard to health and related activities;
  2.   To measure impact of  the specific intervention of this organisation;
  3.  To identify individual and social barriers to the acceptance of positive behaviours and to suggest appropriate measures to overcome these.  
(g)          To disseminate information on health related matters through publication of reports, journals, newsletter and other printed materials.  
(h)          To conduct specific activities under specific projects on the basis of formal agreements with other organisations, which facilitate in achieving the goal of this organisation.