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USAID Stop GBV Data Management Information System Development Consultancy

Zambia Centre for Communications Programs (ZCCP) is implementing the USAID Stop Gender-Based Violence (GBV) project aimed at strengthening the environment for girls and women, boys and men, and members of key/priority populations in Zambia, to live lives free of GBV and enjoy healthy-supportive, gender-equitable relationships, using evidence-based and locally owned approaches. 

ZCCP is seeking to work with a service provider to develop a project database in order to meet data needs for the USAID Stop GBV Project. 

In order to effectively track project outputs, outcomes and enable effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of these programs, ZCCP collects and analyses data on individuals reached with its intervention and programs including; HIV Prevention programs, gender norms, post GBV care, Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC) program and HIV testing services (HTS) programs. To achieve this, ZCCP currently has a basic system that captures data and reports on key performance indicators, but the full potential of a robust results – based M&E system have not been fully exploited. Data are currently entered and stored in MS Excel spreadsheets and analysis is mainly done using the pivot table function. There are known limitations to these existing systems (systems are not able to track individuals longitudinally, datasets are not linked / relational, and data are stored on a local hard drive (or server) making access to program data challenging for certain program staff especially those that are operate from distant districts). This has resulted in difficulties in accessing the necessary data and information, processing and analysis, comparing performance across programs as well as responding adequately, and timely to the information needs of program staff and other key stakeholders. The existing M&E processes are largely manual, tedious and time consuming in terms of generating and using the information for decision making. Technical M&E skills and competencies of ZCCP M&E staff are adequate, but staff may require further training and technical support, especially as ZCCP seeks to adopt a robust and automated results data management system.

ZCCP is therefore inviting proposals from qualified Consultants/Firms to develop a comprehensive integrated results data management system to support the six (community gender norms conversations, community HIV prevention, OVC, HIV testing, post GBV and training) program areas for effective data entry, processing, storage, analysis, visualization, reporting and sharing of information in 2020 and beyond. The consultant will also be required to build capacity within ZCCP to use and maintain the developed system

The objectives of this consultancy are to:

1. Assess organization’s existing equipment to host database and make recommendations

2. Develop and install a comprehensive and integrated secure web-based program results data management system for the purposes of data storage, preservation, analysis/queries, visualization, and transfer/sharing.

3. Develop documentation for system users and administration / Develop standard procedures and Provide initial training to increase the competence (application of knowledge and skills) of ZCCP staff in using and maintaining the developed database and standards.

It is preferred that the consultant be based in Zambia but applicants working elsewhere will be considered if they would  be  able  to  keep in regular contact with the team based in Zambia, and be willing to travel to Zambia for consultations, testing, installation, training, as well as resolving issues relevant to the objectives of this consultancy.

In order to access full requirements for application as well as detailed Terms of Reference (ToRs), please visit our web site on

Application deadline is 31st January, 2020.