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Our Work


Formative target audience and key informant research forms the cornerstone of the implementation of ZCCP’s programmes. Through research, ZCCP is able to adequately capture the voices of the targeting audience in defining the health and development problems they face and in formulating ways in which communication can help in addressing these problems. In order to assist with this research function, ZCCP has trained over 25part-time research assistants  in qualitative data collection techniques. This pool of researchers has representation from all the seven major languages and their corresponding cultures in Zambia.


ZCCP utilizes print media to communicate with it’s target audience. The print format includes brochures, posters and magazines. Magazine is the most widely used format and to date ZCCP has produced 7 print titles with a combined circulation of over 5,190,000 copies countrywide. Each of these publications can be accessed under the publications section of the website. A key issue to note about the magazines in that they are written in simple English that can be accessed by anyone with basic reading skills. An additional feature of the print is that difficult words are translated into the seven major local languages to aid comprehensive understanding of the text.  The thematic areas that have been addressed in the print include adolescent sexual and reproductive health, maternal, newborn and child health, HIV, male circumcision, gender and multiple concurrent partners and alcohol abuse. Two of ZCCP’s publications, Choose Life and Family Care for Mother and Child have been reprinted by two different partners in a quest to meet demand for these magazines.


Radio is the most widely accessible form of media in Zambia both in terms of reach and language content. ZCCP takes advantange of this wide reach and produces radio dramas which are aired on the national broadcaster and on other commercial and community radio stations across the country.  The radio dramas are produced in English and selected local languages for each series. Collectively, ZCCP has produced radio dramas in the following local languages, Nyanja, Bemba, Lozi, Kaonde, Lunda and Tonga. Radio has has addressed the following thematic areas:  maternal, newborn and child health, HIV, gender and multiple concurrent partners and alcohol abuse, TB and malaria. click here to listen.


ZCCP has produced a number of television products that have been aired on the national broadcaster and on other TV stations. Initially, ZCCP adapted some Soul City TV drama series and added on a community based component that gave community member on opportunity to share their experiences with regard to a particular issue depicted in the drama. This community based component was filmed on location in various parts of the country. ZCCP then moved onto the development of short TV drama films.  Trailers of these films are available for viewing under the resources section. ZCCP was also one of the three partners that development the mini series Club Risky Business. To watch click here

Social Mobilsation

As a way of increasing community engagement around the issues addressed through mass media, ZCCP has embarked on community mobilisation activities in Solwezi and Chongwe. So far, ZCCP has adapted a peer educator’s manual and has trained peer educators in these communities. The unique aspects that were incorporated into the manual during the adaption process were gender and multiple concurrent partnerships in view of their role in the spread of HIV. Please Click here to read more and view report.

OneLove Kwasila

HIV prevalence in Zambia remains unacceptably high at 14.3% among 15-49 year olds. New evidence indicates that this high prevalence came about due to the high rate of MCP in Zambia.

To deal with the challenge and in line with a call by the Maseru Think Tank made in 2006, Zambia’s National AIDS Council (NAC), the Ministry of Health, Health Communication Partnership (HCP) Zambia Society for Family Health (SFH) and the Zambia Centre for Communication Programmes (ZCCP)  partnered to launch One Love. Kwasila! The campaign was launched on 16th June, 2009.


Future Programmes

ZCCP intends to continue implementing programmes through multimedia and social mobilisation. ZCCP’s focus now and in the near future is on multiple concurrent partnerships and sexual and reproductive health rights and mobile populations. Implementation of the multimedia activities will incorporate the use of different formats for example talks shows on SRHR targeted at youth, radio and TV PSA and brochures. The new formats have an advantage of shorter turn around time and higher quantities per unit cost.  The social mobilsation activities will also be expanded to include Kasumbalesa, Monze, Chirundu and Nakonde.

Apart of multimedia and social mobilisation, ZCCP will also engage in building the capacity of other health communication organizations at a fee. In addition, ZCCP will engage in consultancy in research and in the development of multimedia products.